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Dr. Maria Montessori, Her Life and Method

Dr. Maria MontessoriDr. Maria Montessori developed a method of education which is child-centered and an education for life.
Dr. Montessori, who was born in Italy in 1870, became the country’s first female doctor. Through her medical background she began working with children. This led to her studies of them, their needs, physical, emotional and intellectual, and thus to evolve her educational method and philosophy.

The Montessori environment is designed so children can learn and develop, and their needs are always catered for. The method helps to develop their independence and self confidence, to build concentration and logical thinking. They gain a sense of responsibility for themselves and others. They also gain respect for the rights of others, which fosters their respect for all human beings and is a gift for life.

Children teach themselves. This simple, but profound truth inspired Dr. Montessori’s life long pursuit of educational reform, methodology, psychology, teaching and teacher training – all based on her dedication to furthering the self creating process of the child.

Dr. Montessori traveled the world during her lifetime, setting up schools, teacher training courses and promoting the understanding of her method. She spoke at international congresses and councils on the subject of education, World Peace and their associations. She wrote many books and many have been written about her and her method.

Maria Montessori died in Noodwijk, Holland in 1952, but her work continues on.

Today, there are many thousands of private and public Montessori schools all over the world. They exist in countries on at least six continents, including Canada, United States of America, Mexico, Indonesia, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, The United Arab Emirates, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, The Netherlands, United Kingdom, South Africa, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Peru, Brazil and many more.


Jakarta Montessori School

Jakarta Montessori SchoolJakarta Montessori School was established on 5th of October 1986 and has grown successfully ever since. Our school caters for both Indonesian and expatriate children with every class being supervised by one Qualified Montessori Teacher. We regularly organize refresher courses and workshops for our teachers to optimize the quality of their teaching all the times.

We provide a Montessori Teacher Training Programme, designed to produce high quality teachers in the Montessori system. As a result, there are student teachers in each of our Pre-school classrooms as part of their training.

Our school is a fully accredited Montessori School with Montessori Centre International, London. We also affiliated to the International Montessori Council in the USA.

The school moved to a new spacious, purposely designed and built premises in September 2005. Our facilities include large open classrooms, a multi-function room, a computer room, a library, a cafeteria, a kitchen, a laundry and a first aid room. There are also large grassed areas where your child can enjoy playing outside.

We have one class for Toddlers, two classes for Preschool, and at present one classroom for Primary. Each classroom contains a complete set of Montessori materials appropriate for the age group within that classroom.

Every classroom also has access to an outside area where children are able to plant vegetables and flowers or to work outside in the clean and fresh air.

We do not discriminate between sex, colour or creed at Jakarta Montessori School.

Religious doctrine is not taught as part of our curriculum.